Gastein Pinecone Schnapps Vol .: 40%

Enjoy the typical taste of the Gastein pine schnapps. The Gastein Valley Moonshine process only selected pinecones from the region, so we can offer you the very best quality. Delicious resinous taste of the Gastein Mountains.
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The unique taste of the Gastein Mountains

Our pinecone schnapps receives its wonderful taste from freshly picked pinecones from the Salzburg Mountains.
At the Gastein Valley Moonshine, the pinecone schnapps is called “Zirberl”. This name guarantees pure and unique quality.
The “Zirberl” is slightly sweet in taste with the unmistakable taste of the resin of the stone pine tree.
Decades of experience in dealing with fresh pinecones and their processing lead to perfection in the Gastein pinecone schnapps.

By allergies and questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.