Mango Habanero Liqueur Vol.:20%

Habaneros belong to one of the hottest chili species in the world and the tart and sweet mango make this mango habanero liqueur from the Gastein Valley Moonshine an exciting experience.
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Fruity - Sharp experience! A special experience!

This mango-habanero liqueur from the Gastein Valley Moonshine offers you a taste experience of a very special kind.

Mango meets chili with a harmony that unites

With the mango-habanero liqueur, you discover a very exotic delicacy and experience a beautiful thrill for your senses. The unique Moonshine taste results from the exclusive combination of spicy chili and the tart sweetness of an aromatic mango. Enjoy a taste experience that sweetly lays on the tongue, combined with a sharp kiss and formed to a delicate harmony.

This liqueur not only convinces with the extraordinary aroma and the extravagant taste, but also the visual appearance. The distillate looks very appetizing already by the gentle glassy yellow tone. The Mango Habanero Liqueur from the Gastein Valley Moonshine may not be missing in any bar.

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Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.