Hazelnut Schnapps Vol .: 40%

The special taste experience with a fine nougat aroma. The liquid alternative to the famous hazelnut cream seduces with its fine, nutty-sweet nougat flavor.
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Hazelnut schnapps according to a generations-old family recipe

Even our grandmother Josefine loved the special hazelnut taste of our distillate. Over 65 years of experience ensure that our hazelnut schnapps can develop its unique aroma.

According to ancient family tradition, our mothers collect the nuts by hand.
The nuts are peeled, chopped and preserved in alcohol for several weeks. A careful and slow maceration preserves the valuable ingredients of the hazelnut kernels. After careful distillation, the hazelnut distillate is stored for several months. This maturing process guarantees the unique and full hazelnut nougat flavour.


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Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.