Rowanberry Schnapps Vol .: 40%

A true rarity! Only sun-ripened and handpicked rowanberries are processed by the Gastein Valley Moonshine into this delicious rowanberry schnapps. Characteristic is its tart spicy, fine bouquet and full taste.
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The strong taste of the rowanberry will inspire you

For this delicious schnapps only sun-ripened and hand-picked rowan berries are processed, whereby the fruits of older trees give a particularly high-quality and spicy distillate. Characteristic is its herb-spicy, fine bouquet. Accordingly, thick and full of taste. With a powerful, racy and well structured finish.

Not only because of the elaborate extraction and processing of the berries and the low yield during distilling (about 2 liters of distillate per 100 kg of mash) is this Gastein rowanberry schnapps a truly noble droplet. 

By allergies and questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.