Austrian Absinthe Vol.: 55%

Our delicious absinthe is made from alpine vermouth and other herbs that characterize absinthe. It was de-veloped with the help of historical recipes of various old absinthe distilleries.
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The Austrian Absinthe has a unique quality and is the only absinthe we like to drink. All aromas of the Austrian Absinthe are of the highest quality. A big part of wormwood herb and the thorough composition of anise, fennel, coriander, anise hyssop and many other herbs ensure the unique aroma. The „Green Fairy“ is waiting to be re-discovered. Let yourself be enchanted. You will be surprised.

What is the story of the "Green Fairy" - Absinthe?

The magic drink absinthe „gives life its solemn coloring and lightens its dark depths". This is what Charles Baudelair wrote in times past. Absinthe triggered the imagination of poets and thinkers and inspired the art like no other alcoholic beverage ever before. Numerous masterpieces of Monet, Lautrec, Van Gogh, Picasso and Wilde were inspired by the absinthe and also the art of poetry has to pay its own tribute to the "Green Fairy". Even in small doses the absinthe had a euphoric and stimulating impact, quite useful features when creating a work of art, provided, of course, the beverage is consumed in moderation. As this very rarely was the case and alcohol became a social problem in general, a law was implemented in France in 1915 (Switzerland 1910) upon pressure from the church, to ban both the sale and production of absinthe by the wine lobby (they mainly cared about the sale of their product) and the trade unions. Absinthe was stigmatized downright due to its very high alcohol content.

In Germany, the absinthe ban came into place in 1923. Only 75 years later, the absinthe ban would be lifted so that absinthe can be enjoyed again within the European Union. There are different absinthe drinking rituals existing.

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Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.