Williams Pear Schnaps Vol.: 38%

Pears in a quality that you will hardly find on the market as edible fruit form the base for this classic Williams pear schnapps. Finely structured, mild, with pronounced fruit brilliance.
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Pear schnapps from Williams Christ

The Williams Christ (named after an English Gardener) is the ideal variety for pear schnapps. The flesh is yellow-white, melting with a pronounced and intense aroma. Of yourse you can also taste it in the noble pear schnapps from Gastein Valley Moonshine.
The Williams pear schnapps from Gastein Valley Moonshine is made from hand-picked, fully ripened Williams Christ pears. The quality of the fruit is crucial for the quality of the schnapps and the best fruit grow primarily on older trees, which are lovingly cared for during many years. But the effort is well worth it! The ripe, aromatic pears give the schnapps a fine, fruit-intensive and slightly sweetish aroma, which already convinces at the first sip! 

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Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.