Pistachio Cream Liqueur Vol.: 17%

The roasted unsalted aroma of the pistachio is combined with alcohol and cream, giving it a sweet, almond-like character.
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The infusion of green pistachios, cream, milk and alcohol

With the Gastein Moonshine pistachio liqueur, a great pistachio liqueur, based on the popular Moonshine schnapps, joins the selection of the Gastein Mooshine range and brings a wonderful new flavor. Bottled to 350 ml and with a drinking strength of 17% vol. The schnapps liqueur is made from pistachios that grow at the foot of the famous Etna, where they have the optimal climatic conditions for their flavor development. The volcanic soil in Sicily also provides a perfect base of minerals to promote the growth of the pistachios.

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Lovingly bottled and labeled by hand.